Monthly Oldtime Jams at the Freight & Salvage, Berkeley

Announcing a friendly monthly oldtime jam on SUNDAY AFTERNOON from 1 to 4 pm, in the Freight & Salvage lobby, FREE and open to all.

When you arrive, please check in at the box office desk. This is to keep count of how many people attend, which might affect future assignment of space.

Directions and Parking for the Freight

More info about this oldtime jam:

We'll play tunes from the broader traditional Old Time repertoire, such as found in the Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes or the Stacy Phillips Traditional American Fiddle Tunes volumes. We might play some very common tunes as well as some obscure or crooked ones. Although bluegrass, contra-dance, New England, Irish, etc., tunes might occasionally be played, generally we'll stick to Old Time.

All levels of instrumental ability and knowledge of Old Time repertoire are welcome. If you are feeling challenged, don’t give up but try to play lightly. “Chasing” a tune is an important ability to develop.

All instruments especially fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, etc., are welcome, but if you play something unusual, please be sensitive to how you fit in.

Melody instruments play together with no solos or breaks, but every instrument should always be supporting the rhythm.

Playing lightly sounds better, helps you hear others, and avoids physical injury.
We'll stay in one key or special tuning for a significant time, so that banjos and fiddles do not have to retune much.

Anyone can start a tune (staying in that key please). We will not necessarily go in any particular order, such as around a circle, and no one will be put on the spot to lead a tune. If you want to play a particular tune but you’re not confident about leading it, cannot remember how it starts, or are a rhythm player, ask if someone else can start it.

If you start a tune, you are responsible for ending it, with a signal such as lifting your foot during the last time though; saying something like “last time,” “one more,” or “hup;” or giving a musical cue. Each tune should continue for at least good while, but less than forever.

Rule #1 is to make it fun for everyone!