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Czech Republic, 2002                                   TP & TJ

Failure To Disperse, Noe Valley Farmers Market, SF 2011
Failure To Disperse (predecessor of The Probabillies), Noe Valley Farmers Market, SF 2011

Bluegrass picnic with Pam Brandon and Larry Chung

Sweets Mill, 2009

Taxi Driver, Santiago de Cuba, 2012

Ngirchoureng at Night Market, Koror, Palau, 2018

baseball player, RIP                musician & studio engineer

I play mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and occasionally other musical instruments, with:

Wildcat on Toast (Doug, David, TP, Lawrence, Joyce) at Paul's Saloon 
my first band in the 1980s

Hayfever (Doug, TP, Holly, David, Lawrence)

Hayfever (clockwise: David, TP, Holly, Lawrence, Doug)

Gold Coast (Paul, TP, Jeanette, Glenn, Tony) at Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society Festival

County Line (Sue, TP, Bob, Doug, Paul) and tour bus

Some personal heros and mentors

Organizations in which I'm involved include:

Klezmer music: In hindsight, it seems inevitable that I'd be drawn into the klezmer revival, if only from proximity to some of the central people and influences.
Music groups, venues, organizations, media, stuff i like, etc.:


Time-wasting odds and ends:
      • "An Webedittting and Poofreading Handbook"
      • "How Not To Procrastinate!" (forthcoming)
Family matters
  • Irving memoirs transcript
  • Center for Medical Consumers, information and advocacy, New York
  • C.B.van Niel and the Culture of Microbiology, 1920-1965 Dissertation 
  • Tom Phillips Woodworking in Ashland, Oregon
  • 2017 Obit of John Nova Phillips
  • Lt. Louis Friedberg (right), my mother's first cousin (my grandfather Irving's older sister Dorothy's son), served in W.W. II in the Fifteenth Air Force as a navigator on a B-24 bomber based in England, was shot down over Germany, and died in a POW camp at age 20 in 1944. Family lore has it that he participated in the famous raid on oil facilities in Ploiesti, Romania, Operation Tidal Wave.  
  • Another cousin Edwin Brown ((my grandfather Irving's younger sister Etta's son; see next photo), also served in the Air Force in England during the war. Louis' niece is Carla (far right in the same photo).
TP, Ed, Paula, Carla (SF ~ 1999)

Ken (1929-2007), TP, Tom, Lupin (Ashland, Feb. 2007)

Ed Brown's painting and excellent likeness of my brother Tom

Taken at the wedding of a relative in New York around 1940.
Standing, L to R: Ed Brown, Etta Brown, Clara Friedberg, Dorothy Levine Friedberg,
Louis Friedberg, Mike Friedberg, Gussie Pfefferblum, Joe Levine
Seated: Sam Brown, Rose Friedberg, Carol Levin, Irving Levin, Ida Levine
Missing because they were too young to attend: Arnold Brown (10), Paula Levin (10), Arthur Levin (5)

Ken and John (NY ~ 1934)         Florence Klotz (age 13, Brooklyn 1914)

Etta, Ida, Irving (Grodno, Russia ~1904)         Abraham Pfefferblum (NY~1910)

Finally, a brief, yet telling, chronology: